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 Favorite Z3
Heinz Autischer from Graz, Austria2002Z3 1.9
Guido from italy2002BMW Z3 2.2 Roadster
un mito!!!
Geoff from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia2002Roadster
BMW Z3 roadster is the best car in the world, i'm only 13 and i know that. BMW will always be my favourite car.......its MAD:)
Douglas Rivera from Humacao, Puerto Rico, USA2002M Roadster
I own a 98 Black M Roadster
Desert Rose from Bahrain2002coupe
I have one.. and i LOVE IT!! This site is wonderful -keep up the good work
dennis w. kendall from Ridgecrest, CA, United States2002
David from Frankfurt, Hessen, Gearmany2002Roadster
The BMW Z3 is the greatest car on earth , the pictures at this hompage are very good
Daniel Marshall from Melbourne, Vic, Australia2002M coupe
A dream of mine is to have a Z3 Roadster, by oct 15 2003. I'll see what I can do!
Dane from melbourne, victoria, Australia20022002 2.5 roadster
This site is the best z3 and M site i've ever seen!(VW Beetles and z3's are my favourite cars.)
Currus from Overland Park, Kansas, United States2002My 2.8 Roadster
The last of a dying breed of true sports cars. Too much fun, but I'll perservere if I must.
Craig L. from IN, Indianapolis, USA20021997
Red, 1997, 1.9 no roll bars.
Chris from Toronto, Ontario, Canada20022002 bmw z3 2.5
I would just like to say that the BMW Z3 is the best car in the world, and that this website is the sickest website ever!
Chris from Coral Springs, FL., U.S.A2002M COUPE
The M COUPE is one of my personal favorites. With its in-line 6, rear wheel drive, five speed, aggressive stance, and plenty of aftermarket performance parts; it will demand respect on the road for years to come.
chibane hicham from bouira, algéria2002
I like the z3 roadster
Charin Hinkler from ballarat, victoria, australia2002roadster
i am a bmwholic, and im obsessed with the bmw manufacturers and hopefully one day i will own my own.
carl from kr sand, Norvay2002z3
Alexandra from Athens, Greece2002Z3 Roadstar
Alex Miranda from Miami, Florida, USA2002MZ3
I am 15 and my dad bought me a 2002 2.3 BMW Z3. I LOVE my car to death! It is my pride and joy! It is dark green with black interior and is one of the most beautiful bimmers I have ever seen. I am convinced that the MZ3, Z3, Z3coupe and the Z8 are the b
adam from trail, bc, canada2002
zzzippy from USA2002my y2k blue topaz with tan top
love everything about it, classic looks!
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