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 Favorite Z3
sandy from France8/29red z3
a very comfortable car but expensive. I like!!
Pablo H, from Mexico7/282001 BMW Z3 3.0i
Love it, about 30000 miles all original
Deborah Taylor from Uvongo, South Africa 7/8BMW Z3 2.8 Manual 1998
Has hard and soft top. Love it.
Jo from North East, Maryland6/251996 Z3 1.9 Roadster in Bright Red
I love my car. Are there any Z clubs in Maryland or Delaware or near Lancaster? Would like very much to start one, if there isn't one yet. Road rallies would be very fun.
Adam from Ottershaw, UK6/18Black Z3 2.8 roadster
Great car :)
Godo Barcelo from Makati, Philippines6/91999 Z3 Coupe
Rick Kaytes from Warminster, PA5/282000 M Roadster
Terrific car, ultra smooth ride at 130MPH, amazing.
Robert Ward from Jordan Minnesota5/202000 M Roadster
I bought the car in 2004 with just 3,300 miles on the clock. We have driven it all over the country, and it is always a source of joy. Great looks, power and handling.
Gary Robinson from tn4/112000 Z3 Roadster M
Best Car "Ever"
Taylor from Bangor, Washington4/11998 M Roadster
Traded in my C5 Corvette with no regrets. Amazing car.
Mr Perez from Miami FL3/10M Roadster
Have a 1998 1.9L, my max speed 130MPH, Fun car, Love it.
Steve from Richmond Va2/28Have two a 1997 1.9L supercharged and 2000 m roadster
love them booth/
Seth Owen from Dalton, GA2/24Have a supercharged 1996 Z3 1.9, other favs would be the M rodie
R.C. Reinke from Dubai/St. Charles2/61998 2.8 Roadster
WWJD (Drive)
John Moroz from Lexington, SC1/252000 M Roadster
Truly the Ultimate Driving Machine!
Tim Groza from Hiawassee, GA1/221996
Neat site. Love my Z3. Thanks for the perspectives. God bless.
Darrell Cumpton from Otoe Ne1/4have a 1999 2.3
Awesome site, expecially the perspective part.
Dave Nichols, editor Easyriders mag from Ashland, Oregon11/30The original 1996 1.9
Used to own a Lotus 7. Sold it and bought a Z3. WOW! A sports car with doors, what a concept!
Brian from Northern Idho11/399 Z3
Was looking at a Vett, one run throw the twisties and the Z3 won hands down
Stan Brown from Highlland NY10/242000 2.3
Just love the way the car handles. Has plenty of oomph for me.

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