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 Favorite Z3
Johan Karsten from Hong Kong6/211998 Z3 Roadster 2.8
I bought mine about 2 weeks ago, and BOY, do I wish I had more chance to drive her. She has only done 72000 kilometers in all these years, and she still runs beautifully! She has a few flaws, but nothing that I cannot live with. If I ever get rid of her, it will be to buy another(parking is a bit of a problem here in HK)!
Glenn Roth from Nashua, NH5/151996 1.9L
what do you think?..Will the 1996 BMW Z3 become a collectors car?
cindyann from oldsmar fl4/61998 z3 m roadster 3.2
Just purchased a 98 z3 m roadster with 48,000 miles. Baby runs like a dream and still looks and smells new. Also have 98 z3 1.9 liter but cant seem to depart from her. Silver with black top- get looks and comments all the time. Just turned 50 anf having the time of my life with my z's....
John from Valparaiso IN3/261.9
Love it amazing.+++++++AAAAA
Eddie Williams from San Antonio, TX.2/262001 Z3 Roadster
My parents won this car on the slot machines in Las Vegas in 2001 and sold it to me in 2008. 4 years and only 9500 original miles on it. I have to drive it more.
Stu Katz from Alberta2/122001 M Roadster
Bernie Balcom from Kentville N S Canada2/82001 z3roadster
Great climate GREAT car
Jim from Tacoma, WA1/232000 Z3 M Roadster 3.2L
Love the car. Wish I had a keyless remote for it. Any suggestions????
Alan Roberts from Ontario, Canada1/21996 Z3
Just purchased a mint condition 1996 Z3 this past summer,what a fun summer car
badolboy from rhode island12/22m roadster
my first , and most likely my last.
Dave from Kingston Ontario12/32002 M Roadster
Like sitting in a rocket and driving in a dream
Vic Craft from England11/262.2i
Had my BMW Z3 2.2i Topaz 2002 Facelift for almost a year and it still puts a smile on my face .......... Luv It.
Jan-Hendrik from Papenburg, Germany11/121.8 1997
I bought my Z3 1.8 two weeks ago. This car is amazing! The Z3 and the Porsche 911 are the directly and untouchable cars ever!
Rick Castanos from Grand Blanc MI10/17My SIlver Z3
Just bought a Z3 and unbelievable luv it.. will pass it to my kids..great car that will never lose its lines...
William Ritchie from 1138 Warwick Court, Holland, Michigan10/21999
Just bought my first Z today! 1999 Z3, 2.3
Luiz Horta Barbosa from Brasilia, Brazil10/21.9 / 1996
I Liverpool mu red z3 1996. It hás 80.000 km And is new!!! I changed your 4 tireds Michelin last week and I am happy a lot
JB from Los Angeles, CA10/12000 - 2001 Z3
Kids are grown and we can now afford an extra fun (used) sports car. Looking to pay around $10,000. Any suggestions as to the best Z3 year/mileage combo for that price would be suggested. Trying to avoid major repairs. Reach me at . Thanks! Proverbs 3:5,6 (like your "perspective" section.
Dakody Dirte from Ontario canada9/15M coupe
just bought one a month ago, never been happier probably never going to be. :) just straight up lovin it
Ashley from Georgia9/15M Coupe
Own a 2001 Z3 2.5. It's not an M but curiously has the M logo on the steering wheel.?? I love it.
steph from Mauritius9/7Golf type 3
expensive but I love, style and class

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